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Messerschmidtt BF 109E

Kit: Messerschmidtt BF 109E, Starfix kit with AeroMaster Decals.

Scale: 1:48

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Aircraft:  Messerschmitt (see below)

Instructions- The instructions are brief but sufficient. Parts are both named and numbered. There is a brief history and the paints called for are generic names, with no brand specified, so there is some liberty here.The kit assembled with no problems and was spray painted with Model Master acryclics.


Tamiya America Kit, Scale 1:48. This kit can be built as the E-4, E-7, E-4/Trop ("Tropical") or E-7/Trop. The flaps can be modeled up or down, the cockpit can be opened to show off all the detail, and extra parts like various trop equipment variations and three different decal schemes. The kit comes complete with waterslide decals, a history of the plane, and assembled with no problems.


Messerschmitt Bf 109E

Empty/Max Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 4,189 / 5,523 lbs (1,900 / 2,505 kg)
Span: 32' 4" (9.87 m)
Length: 28' 4" (8.64 m)
Engine(s): Daimler-Benz DB601D 12-cyl V liquid cooled, 1,050 hp
Armament: Two 20 mm MG FF cannon w/60 r.p.g., & two 7.9-mm MG 17 machine guns w/1,000 r.p.g.;. E-1/B had racks for 4 110-lb bombs or 1 550-lb bomb
Max Speed @ Altitude: 342 mph (550 km/h) @ 13,120 ft (4,000 m)
Ceiling: 34,450 ft (10,500 m)

Climb Rate: 3,100 ft (945 m)/min
Range: 410 mi (660 km)

Robert Parkin claims ownership to all model photos built and photographed by him.  Copyright (c) 2001. All Rights Reserved.

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