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Mustang P-51D

Kit 1: J26 (P-51D) Mustang, F16 Wing Swedish Air Force, Uppsala 1945. Airfix kit 02098.

Kit 2: North American P-51D Mustang

Kit 3: Tamiya North American P-51D Mustang

Scale: 1:72 and 1:48

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Aircraft:  Known as the "Cadillac of the Skies", the P-51 Mustang was the equivalent of Britain's Spitfire. The P-51, designed and built by North American in 1940, was instrumental in turning the tide of World War II in the skies over Europe. Powered by a Packard Merlin V-1650-7 1,720 horse power inline 12 cylinder engine, the P-51D had a top speed of 437 mph @ 25,000'. It was capable of flying 2,300 miles nonstop (enough to fly from England to Berlin and back). Mustang pilots saved the lives of countless B-17 crews, who referred to them as "Little Friends".

Instructions- I assembled these two kits of the same scale at the same time. Each kit assembled well and looks very similar as they should. The AIRFIX kit shows more detail to the bolts around the plane than the STARFIX kit.


North American P-51D Mustang

Empty/Max Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 7,125 / 11,600 lbs (3,230 / 5,206 kg)
Span: 37' " 11.29 m)
Length: 32' 2" (9.81 m)
Engine(s): Rolls-Royce/Packard V-1650-7 12-cyl V liquid-cooled, 1,590hp
Armament: 6 .50-cal Browning machine guns w/270 r.i.p. (ob&ctr pairs) & 400 r.i.p. (ib pair); alt config: 4 .50s w/400 r.p.g. and two 500- or 1000-lb bombs or six 5-in. rockets
Max Speed @ Altitude: 437 mph (703 km/h) @ 25,000 ft (7,620 m)

Ceiling: 41,900 ft (12,780 m)
Climb Rate: 3,475 ft (1,060 m)/min
Range: 1,300 mi (2,092 km); with drop tanks, 2,080 mi (3,347 km)

Robert Parkin claims ownership to all model photos built and photographed by him. Copyright (c) 2001. All Rights Reserved.

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