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This website is dedicated to modelling WW II military aircraft, general aviation, PT boats, space exploration and science fiction. You will find pictures of my finished models along with actual photos, specifications, historical information, kit reviews, modeling tips and a large reference photo gallery.

I have built all the models in this website unless otherwise noted. If you would like to contribute to this website with a photo or review of a modelling kit, please let me know.

All photos displayed within this Website that do not have any copyright information are believed to be in the public domain. All known copyrighted photos are credited as such. If you are interested in using any of these copyrighted photos, please contact the copyright directly. Robert Parkin claims ownership to all model photos built and photographed by him.


Model Photos and Kit Reviews

B-17 F Memphis Belle Model Mercury Gemini Model
Mustang P-51 D Model Luke Skywalker. Superman, Batman and Robin 
Messerschmidtt BF 109 Model Star Trek Enterpise Model
Arado Ar 240C-02 Nightfighter Battlestar Galactica Model
Supermarine Spitfire Mark VB Hubble Space Telescope Model
Supermarine Spitfire F. MK. 21 Millennium Falcon Model
Dornier Do 335 A-6 Model Challenger Space Shuttle Model
P-38 Lighting Model Aurora Godzilla, The Mummy, and Frankenstein  Models
Hawker Hurricane Model  
V-1 Bomb Model  
PT-109  Model JFK  



SPITFIRE in flight Dornier Do 335  Mustang P51 in flight b+w
MUSTANG P51 on ground Dornier Do 335 Smithsonian (C) 1994 Spitfire outside window in flight
Messerschmidtt BF 109 ground Dornier Do 335 Smithsonian (C) 1994 P-38J Lighting Postcard
Messerschmidtt BF 109 by Phil Callahan   Mustang P51 on runway by Phil Callahan
Spitfire underneath Corsair Mustang P51
P 38 lighting Spitfire cockpit  
Tiger Aircraft Spitfire and Hurricane  

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Mustang P51 Artwork sketch by Robert W. Parkin    
B-17F Artwork sketch by Robert W. Parkin   P 51 taking off on runway
Spitfire b+w P40's formation shark nose Spitfire Chasing Messerschmidtt Models by Robert Parkin
Curtis Helldiver and Aircraft Carrier Corsair Ghost Squadron Ju 87 in flight
Mustang P51 (model) Corsair Shooting missiles Grumman EA 6-A
X3 F 80 with napalm bombs Navy BF4-A
Marine SBD Ju 87's in line on ground Grumman A 6E Tram Intruder


Douglas A1-H Skyraider US Navy F4U-4 Corsair Messerscmidtt BF-109 Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive
Douglas A1-H Skyraider USAF Messerschmidtt ME-410 B2 Focke-Wulf FW190
Douglas SBD 5E Dauntless P-40 B Tiger Shark Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive
F-14B Bombcat P-47 D Thunderbolt Razorback Ju 88 Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive
JU 88 museum Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive Navy OS2U-2 Catapult Curtis P-40E 'Warhawk''Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive
Messerschmidtt ME 163 B 'Komet' Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive P-38's line up on runway P-47 Thunderbolts in flight
Navy SB2U BF-109 lined up on runway Dornier Do 335A color
ME 262 BF-109 color F-86 Saber lined up in Korea


FAF Hurricane Focke Wulf FW 190 Heinkel HE 162 Salamander
Firefly Gloster Gladiator German Hortenix Illustration
Hurricane Komet 163 B Focke Wulf FW 190 lined up color
P-38 nose art b+W P-38  Illustration P-39 color
P-40 color P-47 color P-38 in flight
P-51 Mustang color P-70 color P-38 color on ground
Grumman's landing on carrier Douglas Skyraider color P-38 in flight silver
P-38 at take off Douglas Skyraider color P-38 in flight
P-38 in flight color P-40 with spitfire Spitfire Close up straight on
P-38's at takeoff Spitfires in formation b+w Spitfire in Flight color
Spitfire chasing Messerschmidtt Spitfire and Hurricane in flight Spitfire Blue
Spitfire in flight Color Spitfire on ground color Spitfire Illustration
P-40 Brown and Tan P-51 Mustang P-51 Mustang
P-40 Pilot and Plane P-51 Mustang Corsair Ground Crew On Break
P-47 P-51 Mustang Hawker Hurricane
P-47 P-51 Mustang P-38 ammo load


Spitfire in flight color Two F-16's in flight P-38 D-Day Color in flight
Spitfire Squadron in France F-18 RCAF  
Spitfire and Mess Lithograph F-18's in flight  
  F-18's RCAF by castle  



B-17 brooks nose art/pilot B-17's over New York City B-17 nose
B-17 b+w photo in  flight Memphis Belle B-17F In Museum. B-17 nose art
B-17 crash photo B-17 dropping bombs B-17 in flight color
B-17 nose art b+w B-17 in flight B-17 in flight with flak
B-17 Damifino Nose Art B-17's Sweater in flight b+w B-17 in flight b+w
  Memphis Belle B-17F in flight b+w Memphis Bell waist gunners station
  B-17 Battlin Betsy in flight b+w Memphis Belle B-17F In Museum.
  B-17 in flight b+w Memphis Belle B-17F In Museum.
Memphis Belle B-17F In Museum. Snow on flight deck B-17 bomb drop b+w


  B-17 flight Airforce planes by Pyramids
Memphis Belle Crew at dinner B-17's in flight color B-36 
B-17 bomb drop b+w  group B-17 D in flight (drawing) B-25 in  flight color
B-17 bomb drop b+w  group B-17 on runway cut in half B-17 with P-51D Mustang Escort
  B-17 B+W photo Alabama Exterminator
German Arado E555 experimental B-17 Color Photo Memphis Belle in Flight Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive
B-24 J Liberator Bomber P-61 Black Widow Memphis Belle Ceremony Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive
B-52 Stratofortress Rockwell B1 B Bomber B-24D Liberator Courtesy of USAF Museum Photo Archive
B-17 Green Hornet Nose + Crew Douglas B-18 A JU 52 F crew bail out
German Heinkel 110-E Bomber Junkers Stuka 87 Dive bomber B-25 formation in flight
JU 86  group B-17 Color Photo Blue sky B-17 Blue Dreams Nose
B-29 nose P-61 in flight B-17 Crashed
B-25 ceremony alum B-25  in flight color B-17 's over New York
B-25 brown and tan in flight B-17 combat lithograph color  
B-25 on ground color B-17 cut in half B-17's Six in formation
B-25 in flight Olive   B-17's five in formation
B-17's formation fields German anti-aircraft gunner  



Here are historical military photos, Space Photos and other artwork photos.

  Spaceshuttle at takeoff Curtis aeroplane in 1911
V-1 bomb Photo by Phil Callahan Join the Waves poster Curtis aeroplane in 1910
Wright Bros. in Washington DC Join the Waves poster 2 Curtis aeroplane in 1911
Remember Pearl Harbor Poster Aeroplane flying by White House Arch in Wright Flyer

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Kennedy family 1963 off plane Japan Surrenders Aeroplanes in aviation park
T. Roosevelt Hitler and Mussolini General George Patton
Rommel in German plane   Chuck Yeager
All 7 Mercury Astronauts    
Vintage bi-plane, train, steamer Redstone  Mercury launch  
Gemini 11 launch   Chuck Yeager F-20 TigerShark
Astronaut Gus Grissom WW I captured German bi-plane Space Shuttle Columbia
Bi-plane crashed Breguet Winston Churchill General Eisenhower
Space Shuttle on launch pad German anti-aircraft gunners X-1 Bell
Space Shuttle in orbit   Choppers Lined up Vietnam
Space Shuttle taking off Atlas 3 Missile Hindenburg 1936 over Boston
Bob Hope and Johnny Bench Model Missiles Navy Zeppelin
World Trade Center Year 2000 Aircraft Carriers  
  DC-3 General George Patton and Willy
  Iwo Jima - Flag Raised Classic  


PT boats in dock PT Boat at sea painting PT Boat Symbol
PT 728 Boat
PT Boat
PT Boat at sea PT Boats Transom mufflers

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