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Model Kit Reviews

B-17 F


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Gemini/ Mercury

Star Trek Enterprise

Messerschmidtt BF 109

Battlestar Galactica (Pegasus)


Mustang P-51 D


Model Kit Review Contributions

If you would like to contribute to this website and provide a review of your model project, please e-mail me with your review and I will publish it on the website. Your contributions will help others with similar projects.You can also go to this website using the shorter URL:

Requirements for kit reviews should be concise and cover as much of the kit build-up as possible. Outline your experiences with the handling of the parts, the fit, accuracy, options and general ease of construction.

The following topics are good things to cover in the review, but there is no set of criteria so it's entirely up to you:

SUBJECT: Category of Subject; i.e.: WWII Fighter Aircraft.

MODEL KIT: Title of Model Kit and manufacturer

MODEL KIT NUMBER: Include the model kit number from the box.

SCALE: The scale of the model; i.e. 1:48

CONTRIBUTOR NAME: Inlude your name for credit.

INTRUCTIONS: Begin comments on construction assembly of the project. Tell us how you did did it! Start from the begining and make sure to outline any problems you might have encountered that would help someone else avoid.

Who produces them, are they thin or thick, is their register good, do they apply easily, do they disintegrate.

COMMENTS: Your overall comments on the model kit.

IMAGES/PHOTOS: Check the box if a photo will be submitted by e-mail. A scanned image of the box art and finished model are welcome to include with the review. If you are supplying a photo, please also advise who the credit should be given to.

HISTORY OF SUBJECT: Optional field to include a brief history of the subject.


The following general conditions apply for kit review contributions:

1. By submitting a review you acknowledge that you are being honest about your assessment and are not affiliated with any model company in submitting a biased or otherwise unfair assessment.

2. Reviews become the property of this site in order for them to be displayed (they are not used for any other purpose).

3. I reserve the right to edit any submissions - this is more of a spelling and perhaps grammatical nature, but most reviews are actually left as they are anyway.

4. Your name needs to be disclosed at the top of the review so that you are rightfully credited and named as the contributor.

5. If you include your e-mail address I will display it unless you specifically tell me not to.

If you have a concern about any of these conditions or want further clarification then please contact me by e-mail.

Robert Parkin claims ownership to all model photos built and photographed by him. These may be downloaded and used as long as the name and copyright information remains present.

Last Updated: 10/25/01

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