AIRCRAFT SCALE MODELING RELATED SITES - A huge collection of links to scale models and aircraft related sites . - Japanese Aircraft Modeling page with a fair deal of info about who makes (model) what aircraft - IPMS Stockholm, a great site for modelers that includes online monthly modeling magazine with tons of useful articles for modelers by modelers. - Quarter Warbirds in Scale. An interesting site specifically for the 1/48 modeler with articles on Scale aircraft and tales - still under construction.
MODELING FAQ - Dedicated FAQ files in HTML format with tips etc on the art of modeling This website is dedicated to modelling WW II military aircraft, general aviation, PT boats, space exploration and science fiction and has a kit review section and large photo gallery.
Hyperscale: A Virtual Magazine For Aircraft and Armor Modelers
Warbirds resource group
The Ray Harryhausen Creature List - Pretty self-explanatory.  A comprehensive listing of the works of Ray Harryhausen, the king of stop-motion animation techniques who influenced a generation of filmmakers. 
PC Modeler: Started in '98, this is a well-done general modeling site, with a good focus on SF. Updates often. Magazine INTERNET MODELER is a monthly magazine devoted to scale modeling of all sorts, including aviation, armor, ships, cars, and more. In addition to modeling articles, new reviews of the latest scale models can be found, as well as detail sets for the same. Building an accurate scale model is difficult without resources, which is why you'll find book reviews, photo walkarounds, and profile illustrations as well. With the content changing every month, you can be assured that INTERNET MODELER will provide you with hours of entertainment, inspiration, and resources.
International Plastics Modelers Society IPMS (International Plastic Modelers' Society) is an organization dedicated to the fun scale modeling. It was started in Great Britain in 1963, as the British Plastic Modelers Society. Jim Sage, of Dallas, Texas, started the Society here in the US. There are now branches of IPMS all over the world. At this year's national convention in Columbus, Ohio, we had folks from Brazil, Canada, Britain, Finland and others.

ONLINE HOBBY STORES Discount Hobby Store that Sells Over 12,000 Different Hobby And Hobby Related Items. This is an excellent store with great prices. Internet Hobby store where I purchase my decals and hobby supplies and models. - Internet Hobbies based in NY USA.

Testors Web Site Excellent site and you can search their database for a hobby shop in your area.

Micromark store with hard to find supplies Great store for suppliers and small hand tools.
Link to eHobbies. Excellent site that has a diverse hobby product line.

AIRCRAFT PICTORIAL SITES - Rick Kent's site Facounberg Graphics which has a vast array of aircraft sideview profiles drawn by Rick showing various marking examples for many aircraft. - Duncan's F-86 Website, an excellent reference site for the F-86 Sabre including a very detailed section on the F-86K variant recently posted. - comprehensive pictorial and reference site devoted to the "RAAF Pig" or otherwise known as the F-111 Aardvark. - Home of Paul Nann's pictures (usually with "Pacman" notations thereon) with a vast archive of various subject material. Subscribers to newsgroup will most likely be aware of a number Paul's posted material. - a comprehensive site of photos of military Kiwi aircraft.  The Aviation Zone is a comprehensive online resource for military transports, aerial tankers and fixed-wing gunships. This site currently contains over 2000 high-quality photo images, detailed fact sheets with aircraft diagrams, and numerous video and sound files. Over 75 different aircraft are represented here, most having distinguished service records and a significant presence in the annals of military airlift history.
Technical data of B-17
The Memphis Belle Story
Memphis Belle Website
Official Memphis Belle Website



American Airpower Heritage Museum -
Aviation History Online Museum -
National Air & Space Museum -
National Warplane Museum -
New England Air Museum -
Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum -
San Diego Aerospace Museum -
390th Memorial Museum -
US Air Force Museum -
A Virtual Museum Describing The Invention Of The Airplane -


Aviation Magazines 

Aero-News Network -
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AeroSpaceNews Leading Edge -
AeroWorldNet -
Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine -
Air Chronicles -
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