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Arado Ar 240C-02 Nightfighter

Kit: Revell No. 4824

Scale: 1:72

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Aircraft:  This aircraft featured a safety control system for high speeds, a pressurize cabin and remote controlled armaments (both gun turrets were operated from the periscope sight. Two 1750hp DB 603 A-engines gave this machine a maximum speed of 647 km/h. Used primly as a night fighter the underside is painted all black.

Instructions- I started with the two propellers which are painted  all black. The engine cowls remain RLM78 Hellblau on the top and black underneath as this is a nightfighter.

The top turret is small and is also painted  RLM78 Hellblau.

Paint the inside of the plane gray and then assemble the wings and fuselage which comes in two halves. Sand the wings, sand the fuselage, paint the machine guns, assemble the top turret and pilots cockpit. Glue these together and you are ready to paint the plane and finish the details. The original decals were used and the plane coated with Model master dull coat.

You have the option to build this model with or without landing gear. I choose to leave the gear out and wanted to hand this plane for display.The instructions are comprehensive. Parts are both named and numbered. There is a brief history of the plane also.




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