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My Custom 14' Alumacraft T-14 Fishing/Bass Boat

Here are photos of my custom 14' Alumacraft fishing boat conversion project. I use this boat mainly on lakes where only electric motors are allowed and wanted to fix it up with full carpeting, pedestal seats, casting decks, electronics, livewell, front and back trolling motors and tackle/gear storage.

I started with a typical semi-V 14' boat with three bench seats. I was thinking of cutting out the middle bench seat but decided against it for two reasons:

  • I would use the middle bench as a platform to the front bench with the floor deck when the water is calm or I'm in backwaters.

  • I would have to reinforce the boat sides to the floor or other bench seats and decided to keep the boat as structurally sound as possible due to its age. The downside of this is that I have to store my rods above the bench seats and cannot store them underneath or on the side.

The 4'x8' sheet in the back is 3/4" thick and will be the wood used for the floor decks and storage hatches.

Measure and cut the floor decks to go under the bench seats by about 3" and make sure they are not too or they will not fit in between the benches! I want the front floor deck as long as possible so it can double as a platform from the middle to front bench sections.

Here is the floor deck installed before carpeting it. The carpet will add length to the deck so make sure you have a little space when removing them.

Here are the floor decks with the side storage hatches in place for measuring. I used three of these side hatches, one for the rods in the back and two/one in the front as platform or storage/livewell hatch.

Back floor deck carpeted. I ordered a full carpet roll for the entire boat and got the thickest carpet they had. Cost of the carpet was around $100.00.

Measure cut and wrap the 3 bench seats. They are not glued on, they are held in place with 2 bungie cords which are useful to hold the hatches in place.

Front view of the 3 carpeted sections.

Wiring goes underneath the bench seats for the front livewell and trolling motor.
I was thinking of putting a small floor deck in the back transom section but decided against it for more room for the battery, electronics and tackle.


These will be the rear hatches that will be held in place with hinges attached to the transom. It is tricky to measure the corner angle pieces (lifting up) and I had to use a cardboard template to get it right..

One rear hatch installed and carpeted.

Both rear hatches installed and carpeted.

Side hatch secured with bungie cords so they lift up and do not fly away while towing.

Front view of finished carpet and pedestal seats and rod  holder.


Rear hatches with motor installed.

Electronic junction box with sonar and tackle storage  in rear hatch.

Finished boat on the water!


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