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Bristol Bulldog

Kit: J26 (P-51D) Mustang, F16 Wing Swedish Air Force, Uppsala 1945. Airfix kit 02098.

Scale: 1:72

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Aircraft:  In 1929 the Bulldog II entered RAF service soon followed by the main product variant the MK IIA, which had a strengthened structure, increased loaded weight and a wider track undercarriage together with several other modifications. By 1932 nine RAF squadrons were equipped with Bulldogs and in the UK these formed some 70% of front line fighters defenses remaining in front line services until 1937. More than 300 Bulldog fighters and 58 two-seat dual control trainers served with the RAF. In addition several Bulldogs were exported to Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Thailand while Sweden received three Mk II and MK IIA three of which were passed to Finland in 1939.

The aircraft was powered by a 450 hp Bristol Jupiter VIIF radial engine giving a maximum speed of 278 km/h (174 mph) at 3,045m (10,000 ft.) Wing span: 10.33m (33') Length 7.61m (25').

Armament: Two Vickers synchronized machine guns and up to four 9 kg bombs.

Instructions- This is a small model measuring approximately 5.63" wingspan x 4.13". The structure supports under the wings and for the wheels were difficult to do because of the small size. I had to use needlenose players to hold them while gluing. The entire model was airbrushed with Testers Metalizer paints. The finished model looks good anywhere you put it because if its small size; however the wheels are fragile and plane tends to bend them. I had mine on top of the computer monitor for along time until it fell off and I lost a wheel. The markings on this model are for a Bulldog IIA of the Swedish Air Force.



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