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Dornier Do 335 A-6

Kit: Revell, No.:H-96

Scale: 1:72

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Aircraft:  Dornier Do 335 "Arrow". The plane was powered by two piston engines in a very unique push-pull combination. The A-6 version was a nightfighter configuration with an upper cockpit designed for radar operation. Construction of the plane was delayed by policy decisions as well as technical problems. Only 38 of the aircraft were completed for the Luftwaffe at the close of the war. The Arrow had a number of unusual distinctions. It was the only military aircraft of the time to have a push-pull powerplant/airframe. It was the only aircraft of WWII to have an ejection seat. It was the only aircraft that had explosive bolts in the rear fuselage designed to separate the tail section in order to facilitate a successful bail-out if necessary. It was also the fastest piston powered aircraft, with a maximum speed of 417 mph at an altitude of 26,000 feet. Nothing in the Allied inventory could catch it.


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