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Lockheed P-38 Lighting Fighter

Kit 1: Revell

Scale: 1:48

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Aircraft:  This is the famous Lockheed P-38L twin engine twin boomed fighter of World War II fame! The Lightning P-38 was the best fighter available to the Americans at the start of World War II. It was never a dogfighter but helped carry the war to the Germans and Japanese. The Germans called it "The Fork Tailed Devil" and the Japanese lost more aircraft to this incredible fighter than to any other Allied aircraft. The P-38 was a single seat, long range fighter and fighter bomber. It had two 1,425 horsepower engines and carried four .50 cal. machine guns and 20mm cannon in the central nose. This made for devastating firepower without the need to converge the fire as necessary with wing guns in other fighters. This is the fighter plane that shot down Japanese Admiral Yamamoto and changed the course of World War II. They were used from Alaska to Guadacanal from Italy and North Africa to the cold thin air over Germany. The P-38's were the first long range fighters over Berlin. They made excellent fighter bombers due to their heavy firepower and ability to carry a variety of bombs and rockets. Top speed was 414 mph. This was one of the most versatile aircraft used for escort, fighter bomber, reconnaise,and "droop snoot-bomb aimers". The superchargers for the Allision engines are shown to good effect. The nose and inner engine cowlings are painted in black to cut down the reflection of the sun on the otherwise silver aircraft. The nose shows off the 20mm cannon and the four .50 cal. machine guns. The antenna and pitot tube are installed under the nose and on the wing. Model measures 12 1/2 inches across the wings and 9 1/4 inches long.


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Last Updated: 11/12/01