Power Cable Design 2000 (PCD2000) is a collection of Power Cable Design and Application programs developed for the Power Industry on Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 operating systems.

The cables are designed to the following Industry Standards:

The extruded cable component thickness, diameters and materials can be modified to any custom value or material . Water swellable tapes, filled conductors or water swellable powder can be added to the cable designs.

Constructions include: Single, Parallel, Triplexed, Triplexed  with ground and Three Conductor Cable with fillers. A memo text field is associated with each cable design to enter notes for the cable design.

Cable Design Menu Options:

Once a cable design is generated, you can select automated programs from the main menu toolbar.

1. Cable Installation Data

Performs the following in both English and Metric units:

A cable pulling tension and installation program is also available that calculates the pulling tensions, sidewall pressure, jam ratio etc. for a given Duct installation.

2. Cable Drawings

Provides a cross-sectional drawing of the cable design in both English and Metric units. Using the 'print to file' option, you can print, save and view drawings as Adobe PDF documents.

3. Metric Conversion

Displays cable dimensional data in Metric units: mm2, mm and kg/km.

4. Duct Size (Standard and Schedule 40)

This program determines the Standard and Schedule 40 duct size for the cable based on percent fill and maximum clearance per NEC code. A duct size table displays the percent fill and clearance based on  maximum cable diameters is included in the menu options. A color coded background system warns the user when maximum limits are exceeded.

5. Shipping Reel Size Capacity and Analysis

This program can be used with the cable design program or by itself by inputting the cable outer diameter, cable weights (optional) and shipping length (optional). Its function is to determine the best reel size by calculating the capacity of the cable without exceeding the maximum weight limitations of the reel.

The program provides a breakdown analysis of the footage in each layer, number of turns, footage in last layer, minimum drum diameter, total gross shipping weight, and actual clearance from last layer to outer flange. The total footage capacity is based on volume, layer wind and NEMA WC-26 calculations.

Shipping reels included are: Non-returnable wood, Returnable Steel, Returnable Wood, NB reels (For Bare Product) and Special size reels. If a reel is not on the list, you can press the custom reel button and input any reel size.  A color coded background system warns the user when maximum limits are exceeded.

6. Electrical data: PCD2000 calculates the following:

7. Percent Coverage

Determines the percent coverage of flat straps or concentric neutral wires over a cable core. The Program warns the user if the percent coverage exceeds 100%, displays flat strap size combinations and total CMA of straps.

Supplemental Programs

These supplemental programs are included in PCD2000 located in the Main menu.

See the Program outline for more details of PCD2000.