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PT- 109

Kit: Revell  No.: 85-0310

Scale: 1:72

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Ship:   John F. Kennedy was a hero long before he was President. In 1943, he was a Naval officer in the Pacific, commanding the PT-109. While on a mission to disrupt enemy shipping, PT 109 was rammed by a Japanese destroyer. His boat destroyed, Kennedy led his men on a grueling swim to safety. Marooned deep behind enemy lines, Kennedy was forced to muster all of his strength and courage to bring about the rescue of his crew. The key was a message he carved into a coconut shell, delivered to Navy scouts by nearby natives. Kennedy held on to the inscribed coconut husk throughout his Presidency. It is now on display at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

Instructions- The main pieces of the ship assembled without any majors problems. The instructions are very detailed and in order. I assembled the three propellers first being careful as these are delicate. I would recommend you leave off the 3 rudders by the props until last. I assembled mine and kept breaking them off while working with the model.

The top and bottom half went together pretty good but I had to shave off one of the slots to get it to line up correctly.   I spray painted the top half gunship grey and the bottom ghost grey.  I have seen many bottoms with a copper color also. I used Model Masters acrylics. The decals went on fine. I wanted the model to look weathered so I applied some bare metal and dirt with pastel chalks.  There is a brief history of the ship with the instructions that are interesting. The kit assembled without any major problems.

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