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V-1 Fieseler Fi-103

Kit: TAMIYA, Series No. 52

Scale: 1:48

Contributor: Robert Parkin

Aircraft: The Fieseler Fi-103, (V-1 Flying Bomb)or "Buzz Bomb."

First launched on June 13, 1944, thousand of these deadly, unguided ballistic missiles hit London and Antwerp until American forces overran the launchers in the Pas De Calais in early September. Though it flew at speeds from 230 to 450 miles per hour, it was possible to intercept and destroy, and a defense cordon was quickly thrown up around London. Consisting of four rings of defense, Spitfires, Tempests, Mustangs, and at night, Mosquitoes patrolled the Outer Fighter Patrol Area, from mid-Dover to 10 miles outside London. Next came a heavily armed Gun Belt, from Dover to Beachy Head, where fighters were forbidden, and AA gunners shot anything that moved. Third was another, Inner Fighter Patrol Area, where fighters knocked down V-1, from 10 miles inland, to 10 miles short of London. Finally, barrage balloons lined the outskirts of greater London.

Instructions- The V-1 kit was easily assembled in two well-fitted fuselage halves, the Argus pulse jet sitting atop a pylon, a pitot tube, and a nose-mounted fuse. The pitot tube and fuse propeller are painted "steel" or "metal color". Also, it should be noted that the camouflage patterns on the examples I saw were not straight, but slightly wavering lines, so I painted my V-1 that way. I give this Tamiya kit high marks on all counts, the cart V-1 and decals assembled with no problems.

Robert Parkin claims ownership to all model photos built and photographed by him.

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