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Personal Collectible Organizer PCO2001TM is a Windows® 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/Vista/ Win 7 application developed for collectors to help track, store and inventory different types of collectibles and display pictures. The program enables you to store and easily find what you have and organize it! The software includes title lists for: Trading Cards, Coins/Currency, Comics, Model Projects, Trains, Generic Items, Stamps, CCG Cards and has also successfully been used for sports memorabilia, newspapers, magazines, records, CD's, posters,  beanie babies and just about anything else!


Create Items: You can enter the data anywhere in the search data box and PCO2001TM will find it. To assist in data entry,  you can use the "Copy-Add-Paste" buttons to copy data to your new record. Each record is assigned a unique searchable record number and a sequential record count number is also displayed.

Sell Items: Keep track of the items you want to sell  by simply checking the "Sell" checkbox in the main menu. You can easily view a complete or filtered list in the program or print it out. Items that have sold will display as a red background.

Organize Items: A group of checkboxes allow to you to organize by common terms: Favorite, Rookie (1st), Reprints, Error (variants), Sets, Checklists, Graded, Need, Sell and Autographs!

Custom Titles: You can customize the four blue titles by clicking the title caption and entering the title you want. The program will save and copy your custom titles to the next record you create (use the Copy-Add-Paste buttons).

Expanded Displays: You can expand the note box to include large text or notes. Examples would include card grading reference lists and auction advertisements. You can copy and paste text into any of the fields by right-clicking your mouse.

Multiple Search Fields: There are 6 separate search fields to locate data. You can use as many search fields as necessary to help filter your search; e.g.: "Yankees", "1967", "Topps", "pitchers", will show you all the pitchers on the Yankees for 1967 Topps cards or "Morgan", "Dollar", "1921" will show all your 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars etc.

List Search: Here is the display of the list search. Larger lists can be scrolled down to view. The cards numbers are sorted in sequential order making it very helpful for completing sets! A true collectors tool! You can print your search results or save it as a text file.

Inventory Totals: For each List Search ('ALL' or filtered searches) the program will display the total value amount and purchase price so you will always know the total value of your collection or filtered search.

Know what your collection is worth!! A Total Value and Purchase Price Calculation is displayed for each list search!!

Vertical Front/Back Pictures: You can include up to 8 large pictures per record! A vertical front/back image and horizontal front/back image by simply storing your pictures in any directory and loading them automatically by selecting the filename. No additional viewer is needed to view your pictures! You can view you entire collection with this software so you reduce handling your original items! The picture will automatically fit to size or you can select the actual picture size.

Horizontal Front/Back Pictures: Here is a large display of  horizontal Front and Back Pictures. There are two horizontal tabs to view front and backs of your item. Both Horizontal tabs store three pictures each and sizes the picture automatically. You can click the 'actual size' button to view the actual size of the picture and also zoom in and out.

You can view up to eight large pictures per record!!

Grid Display: You can view, edit and sort the data via a grid. Click the top of the header column in the grid for the data to be sorted.

Load Pictures: You can easily load all the pictures from one tab, or from the picture tabs.

Status Bar: You will always know which record and card No./coin year/comic issue/stamp Catalog No. etc. you are on as you navigate through different tabs. The date the record is added is automatically displayed and stored along with a unique sequential record number.

Free Upgrades: Your purchase entitles you to Free Program Upgrades that can be downloaded from our Web site.

There are several options to generate reports; you can print the entire record data, notes or list search results to a separate text file. The list search includes 11 different options! Print options are the same as reports and you can print from any tab, including the picture tabs.

Report Preview: The Report Preview feature includes the record data and up to four pictures and the Image Group Preview displays up to all eight images on one page! Both the Report Preview and Group Image Preview will print the images displayed on the screen!

Extras: Integrated into the main menu is a Text editor to help create or open text files and Word Documents. A calculator, Quick-note file and Help file are also included.

Grid Display: There is also a quick sort grid on a separate tab for easy reference.

Here are some Testimonials:

This CD is awesome, I can finally log everything I own!... Doug K.

Hi, I just received the collectible software a few minutes ago. This is a great program. It will come in handy with all the collectibles that my wife and I have. Thank-you.... Richard C.

Great program!! Fast shipping!! Highly recommended!! THANKS!!!!....... Ken H.

Great deal on a great item!........ Richard L.

Excellent product & Service & communication. Would buy from again.....Matthew S.

Great product, finally able to have an organized record of a 32 year collection! ....Dave S.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Item as described; Recommend!....Judi J.

Great product! user friendly! Highly Recommended! ....Bryan F.


Payment can be made with PAYPAL.  New York State residents please include appropriate sales tax.

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